"The altered tempo of HIV disease has generated

new uncertainties, new anxieties, new contingencies"

- Tim Dean , "Bareback Time" (2011)

"The AIDS epidemic is cultural and linguistic as well as biological and biomedical"

- Paula Treichler, How to Have Theory in an Epidemic (1999)

This project is about connection, intimacy and the role of the internet among gay men in a time of change for HIV. With new medications and prevention methods, HIV is no longer the death sentence it once was. For some, it may be similar to diabetes. Because of this, and thanks to the internet, public narratives of the virus are changing. 


Since the early years of the AIDS epidemic, society's relationship to the HIV virus was one of extreme loathing and fear. Bugchasers' relationship is of love and desire. They are the men who fetishise and fantasise with HIV infection. There is value in exploring this radical difference to better understand ourselves, where our fears and our stigma come from.